Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome to the World of The Perky Purple Peacocks!

This is our very first day as "bloggers" . . . for those who don't know, "blog" is cyber-speak for "Web Log" . . . or in girly talk, it's our Diary!

Here we'll post about upcoming events, travel opportunities for Red Hatters, post photos of our Red-Hatted adventures, and hope that traveling Red Hatters will find us and maybe drop us a line and stop by to visit one of our events.

We are an officially registered chapter of The Red Hat Society, members of the North Carolina Queens Council, and very active in the events going on in our own area of Region 7.

The blog is fully functional now, but not linked to from our site just yet. The site is undergoing design changes; but when it's done in the next couple of weeks, this blog will be the new place to go for information about Polly, The Perky Purple Peacock and her band of merry Red-Hatted women!